Ratchet Dharma urges us to interrupt systems of violence with healing that recovers traditions, invents new modalities, and connect to survival practices developed by many generations of people in community.  

This work will bring together leadings artists, thinkers, organizers, and healers to envision work and embody practices that resist the subjugation and erasure of their bodies, land, and natural resources.



“With her toes she gripped the earth, struggling yet determined not to be thrown off her balance. Long and hard she's been fighting for grounding, for her place, for her right to remain. Not now after coming this far would she blow her light out so easily. She had a world, a universe that awaited to catch fire from her ambers. Now is not the time to let go of what holds up your crown. Stay in the game and see past your harmful tendencies.”

— #ratchetdharma